Gobek is an e-commerce online store and it is part of a group companies which has been in the business for over 20 years in many industries. We would like to share our 2 decades of work discipline experience with pleasure so that you can create more comfortable decorations in your living spaces that completely reflect your individual style. We are very excited to support you at every stage from foundation to insulation, from exterior to interior decoration, in your quantity calculation and in choosing the products closest to your dream design. We believe that the harmony between people's taste and the spaces they live in are crucial to expand their comfort zone and make life more livable. In this sense; we are happy to provide the most accurate products in your choices such as color, texture, or material. We, as the "gobek.com" family, are looking forward to inspiring you and delivering building and decoration materials that you can use in many living spaces such as homes, offices, hotels, cafes at the most affordable price.