Slab Table, Cherry Wood Slab Dining Table, Living Edge Table, RED SETTER, Dining Slab Table, Trestle Table, Conference Table

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$6,749.25 / Piece


Slab Table, Cherry Wood Slab Dining Table, Living Edge Table

Bred since the 16th century, the Irish Setter has not only an impressive lineage but an iconic profile and beautiful coat. Add to that a tree that has been harvested since the 3rd century B.C. by Greek and Roman furniture makers and you get the perfect combination of history and heritage that is the Red Setter Cherry Slab Table.
With it's deep red rippled coat and satiny finish, this Cherry Slab Dining Table will be a great addition to your get away cabin (read Hunting Lodge).

We have Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, and Ash slabs available to be made into this or similar designs.

Ask about the benches in this listing, made custom to fit the table! (BENCHES SOLD SEPARATELY).

Please note that since this table is made of entirely live edge material, no two tables will look exactly the same... your table will be truly a one of a kind!

Dimensions for this listing are for 30"H X 40-42" W x 96" L but all these measurements can be customized so just ask!

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