Grey Wood Range Hood With Tapered Front and Decorative Trim - 30", 36", 42", 48", 54" and 60" Widths Available

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Size: 30 W x 30 H
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$1,700.00 / Piece


Made from solid plywood and maple veneer, this handcrafted grey wood range hood has a simplified installation and inspection process for ease of use. The two-piece design allows for the base of the hood to be easily mounted to the wall. Once the base is in place, the ventilation can be installed and then the top can be placed onto the base to complete your custom range hood. Before securing the top, inspections can be easily done by removing the top to review the ventilation until everything is 100% connected and in place.

Vent units are not included. These are the recommendations per size.

30" Wide Hoods:
- Broan PM250 paired with Broan LB30 (250 CFM)
- Broan PM390 paired with Broan LB30 (390 CFM)
- Tradewinds VSL4303RC (390 CFM)
- Tradewinds VSL4306RC (600 CFM)

36" Wide Hoods:
- Broan PM250 paired with Broan LB36 (250 CFM)
- Broan PM390 paired with Broan LB36 (390 CFM)
- Tradewinds VSL4363RC (390 CFM)
- Tradewinds VSL4366RC (600 CFM)

42" Wide Hoods:
- Tradewinds VSL4423RC (390 CFM)
- Tradewinds VSL4426RC (600 CFM)

48" Wide Hoods:
- Tradewinds VSL4483RC (390 CFM)
- Tradewinds VSL4486RC (600 CFM)

54" Wide Hoods:
- Tradewinds VSL45412RC (1200 CFM)

60" Wide Hoods:
- Tradewinds VSL46012RC (1200 CFM)

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