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Size: 19"D x 9" W x 9"H
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With the "Rounded Copper Farmhouse Double Apron Kitchen Sink," discover the world of opulent kitchen design. This hand-hammered copper sink, which is expertly crafted from premium copper, offers remarkable durability along with a hint of artisan elegance. A modern twist on a classic style is provided by the rounded apron front, and the dual basin design encourages efficiency. This apron sink will improve the look and use of your kitchen. It is a sink that is both durable and classy.

 Size: (Outer Dimension)

19"D  x  9" W x 9"H

19"D  x 15"W x 9"H

24"W x  18"D x 10"H

33"W x  22"D x 9"H

36" W x 18"Dx 10" H


FAQs: double farmhouse sink

  1. Q: Does the copper sink feature an antimicrobial surface? A: Yes, copper naturally hinders bacterial growth, promoting a cleaner kitchen environment.

  2. Q: Is the double apron sink suitable for heavy-duty use? A: Absolutely, its robust construction ensures it can handle the demands of a busy kitchen.

  3. Q: Can I integrate the hammered sink into my existing kitchen design? A: Its versatile style makes it a perfect match for various kitchen decors, from traditional to contemporary.

  4. Q: How do I care for a handmade sink to ensure its longevity? A: Simple, regular cleaning with mild soap and water is recommended to maintain its luster.

  5. Q: What's the benefit of a double apron sink like a farmhouse basin? A: It offers more space for kitchen tasks, streamlining meal prep and cleanup.

  6. Q: Are rounded copper sinks a trend in kitchen design? A: Yes, they add a modern yet timeless appeal to any kitchen aesthetic.

  7. Q: Will the farm sink's patina change over time? A: Copper develops a unique patina that evolves, adding character to the sink.

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