SUTOL05 15'' Tall Concrete Round Vessel Sink - Bathroom

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***In stock products are delivered within 5 business days. Preorder products are delivered in 6 weeks. Reach out to Zeek to see which colors are ready to be shipped right away vs. which colors are on Pre-order. ***


  • HEIGHT: 15.7'
  • WIDTH: 14.5''
  • LENGTH: 14.5''
  • WEIGHT: 46.7lb


Concrete is a material that by nature absorbs liquids as well as many other materials (marble, stone, wood, etc.) For this reason our sinks are sealed with the best sealant on the market.

No two pieces are alike. Each piece is hand made, so there are differences between them. Each sink is unique.  Handmade in Colombia.

Colors in concrete are rarely solid and homogeneous. In each piece there will be different shades that create a special texture in the piece. The beautiful collection of bright, dark-tone & pastel colored sinks will really add character to your bathroom!  ***Reach out to Zeek for more color options!!

Pores are characteristic of concrete.

*Dimensions may vary due to the nature of our product. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Due to differences in monitors, colors of products may also appear different to those shown. Due to concrete’s nature, material may present changes and look different from the one shown in images. Remember, each piece is perfectly imperfect. 


IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE EXCESS OF SILICONE when it is used to install the drain, as this material reacts negatively with concrete and general stains, which do not imply a low quality of the product.

DO NOT PUDDLE: Concrete sinks should not be puddled with water (or any other substance). This can lead to color changes or staining in the worst case.

Do not use abrasives, solvents, thinner or vinegar to clean the sink as these can damage the seal layer that protects the product.

* It is recommended to preferably use soaps of neutral PH (such as toilet soap or dish soap) to clean it.
After cleaning the sink, rinse with plenty of water.

Under no circumstances should the sink be cleaned with a metal sponge as this scratches and damages the protective seal layer of the product.

If the sink drain becomes clogged for any reason, avoid using chemicals to unclog it and call a plumbing professional instead.

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