Zeek 14” Gold Round Vessel Bathroom Sink Stainless Steel PVD Nano Tech Coating ZN-G144

SKU: sku-33116346712141
$289.00 / Piece



  • 14" Round / 4.3" Tall
  • Brushed Gold Finish
  • Matching PopUp Drain Included
  • PVD Nano Tech Coating
  • Resistant Against Corrosion, Tarnishing & Fading
  • Bathroom Vessel Sink
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty  



Products with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating provide your stainless steel sink with an extra layer of protection that's highly resistant against corrosion, tarnishing and fading! PVD Nano sink are highly durable & are build to last!


Fixtures coated with PVD not only increases the product’s longevity but also reduces its maintenance. Unlike other finishes, PVD products are highly resistant to water which means water splashes won't stay & dry leaving any water spots. PVD Nano sinks are easy to clean, simply needing a soft cloth, mild soap & water. You may also use cleaning products such as Windex. Although the PVD finishes are resistant to many cleaning products, we recommend avoiding all abrasive cleaners as well as products that contain bleach or that are designed to remove tarnish and rust. Using these products may alter the surface finish and void the warranty.


Includes a Highly Constructed Matching Pop-Up Drain. Drain Stopper, Drain Flange,Threaded Pipe all Made from Solid Brass, Tailpiece is made from Stainless Steel. To Operate it Simply Push the Drain Cap Down to Close & Seal, Push Again to Open & to Drain Water.


This beautiful vessel sink is thoughtfully designed creating a high-end appearance with its unique shape, the thin minimalistic lip & its bold gold finish. This sink is a strong statement piece & will defiantly become one the main focal attractions in any bathroom space!

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